lunedì 22 settembre 2014

October in my country, it is always also the month of mature hackberry . A small, round fruit that negligible , since when it comes to mature , it becomes all the colors : white, yellow, green , red, brown , and finally (almost) black . 50 shades of colors, all natural and beautiful , but ... gray ! He has little pulp ( peccato! ) and a small bone in the middle, but is very sweet . He knows a mixture of locust beans, jujubes and licorice. Some of my little friends with whom I was doing the raids crushing him between two stones and ate it with all the bone, practically disintegrated by stoning . Today, hackberry not looking for them more than anyone, not even the birds. The employees of the forest they planted as ornamental trees and to make fresh on the sidewalks : they have a great green foliage and can reach 15 meters in height. And my son , the other day when together we passed by walking , was not the least bit interested in knowing my little , insignificant anecdotes about hackberry and my childhood. Alas !

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